Scented Artificial Hive

Scented Artificial Hive
Scented Artificial Hive

Name Scented Artificial Hive
Source Mod Ex Nihilo
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 5.0
Hardness 1.0
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Unknown

The Artificial Hive is a block from Ex Nihilo. It is used to obtain the Hive Bees from Forestry, Extra Bees and Magic Bees. To use it, the Scented Hive has to be placed in the world. It will eventually turn in to a bee hive, or it will revert back to an Artificial Hive.

Bees are particular about where they live. The Scented Hive must meet certain conditions to attract a bee. These vary based on the species desired.

Hive Spawning Conditions[edit]

Species Biome Type Conditions Notes
Meadows Bee Plains Flowers which are registered with Forestry.
Forest Bee Forest Leaves
Modest Bee Desert Cactus
Tropical Bee Jungle Leaves, Vines
Wintry Bee Frozen Snow (not snow blocks), Ice
Marshy Bee Swamp Mushrooms (brown or red)
Ender Bee End End stone More difficult to attract
Water Bee Water Water, Lily Pads Must be exactly one block below water surface
Rocky Bee Any Stone Must not see sky; more difficult to attract
Embittered Bee Nether Netherrack, Nether Wart Must not see sky
Mystical Bee Forest Leaves, flowers
Sorcerous Bee Desert Flowers
Unusual Bee Jungle Flowers
Attuned Bee Mountain (Extreme Hills, Ice Mountains, etc.) Flowers Must not see sky; must be near void (Y level 15 or lower)
Oblivion Bee End End stone Must not see sky; more difficult to attract
Infernal Bee Nether Netherrack Must not see sky; must be near void; more difficult to attract


Place an Artificial Hive into a Barrel filled with Seed Oil. This will turn it into a Scented Artificial Hive.


Scented Artificial Hive can be used to create the following items: