Stone Barrel (Ex Nihilo)

Stone Barrel
Stone Barrel

Stone Barrel

Name Stone Barrel
Source Mod Ex Nihilo
ID Name Unknown
Type Production
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Any tool

The Stone Barrel is a production block from Ex Nihilo (primarily of use in skyblock maps) that allows the player to create various otherwise unobtainable blocks, such as dirt, soul sand, mossy cobble, and clay, as well as being integral in allowing spawning of Blazes or Endermen.

Just like Wood Barrel it can be used to compost materials, but it can also hold Lava for an indefinite period of time.

Resource creation abilities[edit]

  • Witch Water: place the Barrel beside mycelium, then fill with water and wait or putting Mushroom Stew into a barrel of water.
  • Soul sand: add sand to a Barrel containing witch water.
  • Clay: add Dust to a Barrel containing water.
  • Mossy Cobble: simply place near cobblestone, then fill with water and wait.
  • Endermen, craft a Creepy Doll, then toss it in a witchwater barrel and wait.
  • Slime balls: if you put milk in a barrel filled with water.
  • Scented artificial hive: by placing an artificial hive in a barrel filled with seed oil.
  • Blazes: craft an Angry Doll, then toss it in a Barrel containing lava and wait for the Blaze to spawn.
  • Netherrack: by placing redstone in a barrel filled with lava.
  • Endstone: by placing glowstone dust in a barrel filled with lava.
  • Water: by leaving the barrel outside in the rain
  • Sky Stone: by placing Sky Stone Dust in a barrel filled with lava.
  • Obsidian: By flowing water over the top of a barrel filled with lava.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Smooth Stone Slab
Stone Barrel (Ex Nihilo)


It is possible to do automation with barrels: Output is below the barrel, item input is located on top, and liquid inputs on the sides. Hoppers work fine as well as itemducts and fluiducts.