Gold Plate (Flaxbeard's Steam Power)

Gold Plate
Item Gold Plate (Flaxbeard's Steam Power).png

Gold Plate

Name Gold Plate
Source Mod Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod
ID Name Unknown
OreDict Name
First Appearance pre12 for MC 1.7.2
Type Plate
Stackable Yes (64)

Gold Plate is an item added by Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod. It has no usage in the current version of the mod, but as it has been registered in the Forge Ore Dictionary, Gold Plates might be used in other mods.


Gold Plates are created by smelting Gold Ingots in a Crucible and then pouring molten Gold into Plate Mold for casting.

Gold Plates, just like any other plates from Flaxbeard's Steam Power mod, use only 75% of 1 ingot's worth of liquid metal.


Gold Plates can be used to upgrade Steam Exosuit parts in the Engineering Table.

Gold Plates can also be smelted in the Crucible, it takes 4 plates to create 3 full ingots worth of molten Gold. Molten Gold is currently used for creating Gilded Iron.