Steam Unit

The Steam Unit, abbreviated as SU, is the unit of steam measurement used by Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod. SU can be created using Boilers, stored in Steam Tanks and transported via Pipes. 1 SU is produced for every tick the Boiler is burning. One coal for example, will produce 1600 SU.


FSP devices use Pressure to measure steam content. Each steam conduit has varying steam capacity, and the conduits will attempt to maintain pressure throughout the system. For example, two pipes, each with the capacity of 1000SU will divide a total of 400SU evenly between them, leaving each pipe with 200SU and a pressure of 20%.


Steam Pipes can convert SU to fluid steam used by other mods. This conversion occurs at a ratio of 1 SU for 10 mB of fluid steam.