Tool & Armor Config GUI

The Tool & Armor Config GUI, with several Draconic items equipped.

The Tool & Armor Config GUI is a GUI added by the Draconic Evolution mod. It is opened using a configurable key bind, set to C by default. The GUI displays the Player's inventory, as well the the armor slots. It is used to configure the armor and weapons added by the mod. These items will be shown as a button, which the Player can Click to open the configuration for that specific item.

Not every tool and piece of armor added by the mod has configuration options, for some their configuration menu will be empty, for most it will show a list of configurable features which can be Clicked on to configure.

Item Config[edit]

The editing window of the Draconic Boots accessed from the Tool & Armor Config GUI.

The item config UI has two types of options. Boolean optionals can be true or false. This can be toggled by Clicking on it. Numeric optionals open another UI when Clicked, which displays the current value and buttons to increase or decrease the value. The +++/--- buttons increase or decrease by increments of 1.0, the ++/-- buttons by 0.1 and the +/- buttons by 0.01.