Stark Comb

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Stark Comb
Stark Comb

Name Stark Comb
Source Mod Extra Bees
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Stark Comb is one of the honeycomb types in Magic Bees. It is produced by the Stark Bee. It mainly serves as a method of creating Dull Shards without needing to deplete the nearby aura, thus allowing for renewable creation of Crystal Capacitors. However, although shard combs take a fairly long time to produce (estimated at 3-2 minutes for the bees corresponding to all other shards than Dull) and have a chance of about 6.5% per comb of a shard being produced, the Stark Comb has the worst odds of the lot, estimated at 15.3 minutes of time per comb and a chance of less than 2% of one shard being produced per comb.


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Stark Comb
Dull Propolis
Beeswax (Forestry)
Magic Wax

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