Magic Apiary

Magic Apiary
Magic Apiary

Name Magic Apiary
Source Mod Magic Bees
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes

The Magic Apiary from Magic Bees is an upgraded version of an Apiary. It has an increased production rate over the standard Apairy but not as high as an Alveary.


  • I. Above Queen Slot:
    Three icons denoting a Mutation rate bonus, decrease in Lifespan, and Production increase. They are inactive unless the Magic Apiary is fed a supply of Centi-vis from an Energized Node. When active, they may still be toggled on or off.
  • II. Queen Slot:
    Contains the current queen or princess to be bred. The left-hand side bar shows the current health of the queen while producing.
  • III. Drone Slot:
    If the Queen Slot is occupied by a princess and this slot is occupied by a drone the mating process will be initiated. This process will consume the princess and drone to produce a queen whose species is determined by that of both the princess and drone.
  • IV. Output Inventory:
    Products will appear in this inventory. When a queen dies, the succeeding princess and drones will also be deposited here. A queen will always produce a single princess, and one to four drones based on her active fertility trait.

Possible Bugs[edit]

All bee species' Princesses and Drones may be combines to form Queens in a Magic Apiary, but only bees from the Magic Bees mod seem to produce items and lose durability so as to eventually create new Princesses and Drones.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Unusual Pollen
Enchanting Drop

Apiary (Forestry)

Magic Apiary


Magic Apiary has no known uses in crafting.