Lubricant Bucket

Lubricant Bucket
Lubricant Bucket

Name Lubricant Bucket
Source Mod RotaryCraft
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

Lubricant Bucket is an item added by the RotaryCraft mod.


GUI Grinder.png
Canola Seeds (RotaryCraft)
Canola Seed Husks

Each seed also produces anywhere from 100mb to 200mb of Lubricant, which is stored in an internal tank.

GUI RotaryCraftCentrifuge.png
Slippery Propolis

  • Slippery Propolis produces 150mB of Lubriucant

RotaryCraft Handbook Description[edit]

Most inline gearboxes need to be lubricated to maintain their ability to transmit power. Operated without lubricant, they will gradually wear down and transmit less and less torque, and thus less power. To keep them lubricated, simply run a line of lubricant hose from a grinder to the gearbox, put some seeds in the grinder, and watch the hose transmit the oil) or just use buckets to carry it). Most gearboxes do consume the lubricant, and more of it at higher speeds, so keep an eye on the meter in the GUI. Other machines may also require lubricant to function.


Lubricant is used in gearboxes to keep them running at full efficiency. Diamond gearboxes need starting lubricant but don't consume it and bedrock gearboxes do not need it at all.