Gas Turbine (RotaryCraft)

Gas Turbine
Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine

Name Gas Turbine
Source Mod RotaryCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Generating Machine
Stackable Yes (64)

The Gas Turbine is a extremely powerful and dangerous engine from RotaryCraft. When fueled with Jet Fuel it will start to "warm up", to its full potential power. It takes around 60 seconds to get up to maximum power, it is best determined by attaching a Dynamometer to its front shaft and waiting until the numbers stabilize. This engine produces a huge amount of noise, to quiet this noise, three Wool can be placed on the sides and top. The back of this turbine must be clear of any blocks to operate.


The Gas Turbine can be upgraded to produce even more Power and Torque with a Afterburner Upgrade. To apply the upgrade, you must right-click on the engine with the Afterburner Upgrade in hand. The front-most ring of the Gas Turbine will become darker and the "Afterburner" button inside its GUI will become clickable. Upon activating the Afterburner, it will double its Torque and Power while Speed remains the same. It will also burn a 5x2 in front of it, catching wood on fire and turning dirt, grass, sand, and gravel into glass. While in Afterburner mode, it will consume Jet Fuel 2.5 times faster than regularly.


The Gas Turbine has many hazards which make it difficult to use. The player can be sucked into the rear of the engine if they get too close. Going within the range of an activated Gas Turbine will suck the player in at a extremely quick speed, killing them even faster, regardless of armor. When the player dies this way, the chat will display "[Player Name] was sucked into a jet engine". After going through an engine a clicking, scraping noise can be heard coming from the engine; this mean that it is damaged. Overtime its condition will deteriorate until flames begin spitting out the front of it. At this point using an Angular Transducer on the engine will provide a new statistic called Temperature. When it reaches 1000C, it will explode in a fairly large radius. Right clicking the turbine while holding a Turbine repairs it.

The explosion a Gas Turbine creates when it explodes. Note that it turns the dirt into glass. It also does this with gravel, sand, red sand, and grass.
This is a 3D representation of the distance a Gas Turbine can suck a player from. The Gold Block represents the Gas Turbine. The brown and green wool are danger areas while blue and light blue are safe.
A flat representation of the area of suction for the Gas Turbine. Again the Gold Block represents the turbine, blue and light blue are safe, and red and pink are dangerous to stand in.

Handbook Description[edit]

"The most powerful engine of all, the gas turbine is a monster, outputting power comparable to that of an engine of a commercial jet airliner...and with sound to match. These engines will, when fueled, provide 1024 Nm of torque at 65536 rad/s (67.109MW). Be warned, unless you want to find out what it feels like to go through a blender, stay AWAY from the front of this one while in operation! Neither you nor your engine will fare well."


  • Torque: 1024 Nm
  • Speed: 65536 rad/s
  • Power: 67.109MW
  • Power Source: Jet Fuel
  • Risks: Ingestion; Possible violent failure and flames if damaged


GUI Worktable.png
Compound Compressor
HSLA Steel Ingot (RotaryCraft)
HSLA Steel Ingot (RotaryCraft)
High-Temperature Combustor
HSLA Steel Ingot (RotaryCraft)
Base Panel
Compound Turbine
Shaft Unit

Gas Turbine (RotaryCraft)


  • The Gas Turbine appears on the tab for RotaryCraft in the creative menu.