Pocket Crafting Table

Pocket Crafting Table
Pocket Crafting Table

Name Pocket Crafting Table
Source Mod Factorization
ID Name Unknown
Type Tool
Stackable No
Using the Pocket Crafting Table to make another Pocket Crafting Table.

Pocket Crafting Table is a tool added by Factorization that allows player to craft items without being near a Crafting Table.


Press 'RMB' or 'C' to use. You can use the pocket crafting table with the keyboard shortcut as long as it's in your hotbar or in the left 18 slots of your inventory (anywhere except where the crafting grid would be).

Due to how the Pocket Crafting Table functions, you may have to clear out the 9 slots it uses to craft objects. If you have NEI installed, you can use it while in other GUIs.

Pressing the 'C' key when it's open will rotate the items around the perimeter.

Pressing the 'B' key will balance the item stacks.

The 'X' key will clear the crafting area if there's room in your inventory/hotbar.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Crafting Table


Pocket Crafting Table