Wrath Caging

Wrath Caging is a concept of auto-spawning mobs from vanilla Minecraft and from Thaumcraft (except bosses). Also supports Twilight Forest mobs (also except bosses).


For the process you need the following:


  1. Place a Blank Imprinting Crystal in your inventory.
  2. Slay a compatible mob (look up for the list) with a Diabolist Fork.
  3. Blank Imprinting Crystal will turn into [MobName] Imprinted Crystal, also showing what Essentia is needed to autospawn this mob.
  4. Right click the [MobName] Imprinted Crystal on Wrath Cage. The 3D model of the mob will appear inside of the Cage.
  5. Right click the Wrath Cage with Diabolist Fork to cycle through 3 possible Essentia types: Ira, Desidia and the essentia written on the crystal.
  6. Supply the chosen Essentia.
  7. Mobs will start spawning, while there is enough Essentia to run the process. The spawn parameters dont differ from vanilla Spawner, except the light level is ignored.