Tome of Alkahest

Tome of Alkahest
Tome of Alkahest

Name Tome of Alkahest
Source Mod Xeno's Reliquary
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

Tome of Alkahestry is an item added by the Xeno's Reliquary mod. It allows for duplication resources at the cost of Redstone or Lapis Lazuli. The cost is variable, see below.


Before 1.7[edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Blaze Rod
Wither Skeleton Skull
Magma Cream
Gold Ingot
Ghast Tear
Nether Wart
Lava Bucket
Tome of Alkahest


Tome of Alkahest can be used to create the following items:


The following recipes are shapeless. Each requires the Tome of Alkahest, the indicated Reagent and one of the specified Item to receive the Result:

Reagent Item Result
1 Redstone Dirt 17 Dirt
Cobblestone 17 Cobblestone
Sand 17 Sand
Gravel 9 Gravel
Oak Wood 3 Oak Wood
Spruce Wood 3 Spruce Wood
Birch Wood 3 Birch Wood
Jungle Wood 3 Jungle Wood
Sandstone (any) 5 Sandstone (same type)
Clay (block) 3 Clay (block)
Obsidian 3 Obsidian
Netherrack 17 Netherrack
Soul Sand 5 Soul Sand
Nether Brick 17 Nether Brick
End Stone 17 End Stone
Charcoal 3 Charcoal
Flint 9 Flint
Glowstone Dust 2 Glowstone Dust
4 Redstone Gunpowder 2 Gunpowder
Lapis Lazuli 2 Lapis Lazuli
4 Lapis Lazuli Iron Ingot 2 Iron Ingot
1 Lapis Lazuli Block Gold Ingot 2 Gold Ingot
Emerald 2 Emerald
4 Lapis Lazuli Block Diamond 2 Diamond


As of version 1.1.2b of Xeno's Reliquary (used in 1.1.2 Feed The Beast Monster), the Tome of Alkahest doesn't function correctly in NEI. To fix this, you must edit the xreliquary.cfg config file. In the MISC OPTIONS area, you must change the "I:tombRedstoneLimit=256" line to "I:tombRedstoneLimit=0". Now, when you craft the Tome of Alkahest, you get the correct version of the item and not one with "256" item data value.