Spectre Key

Spectre Key
Spectre Key

Name Spectre Key
Source Mod Random Things
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable no

The Spectre Key grants you access to your own personal space in the Spectre Dimension. You get a 14x10x14 box where you can build anything you want. Using the Spectre Key you can access it from anywhere.

Simply hold right click while holding the Spectre Key. Particles should start to appear around you and after 5 seconds you should be teleported to the Spectre Dimension. When you want to go back, just repeat the process. You should appear at the same place you were when when you used the Spectre Key.

You can also "personalize" your Spectre Cube by right clicking on one of the walls with dye, the cube will change color to the corresponding dye.

If you should for whatever reason loose your spectre key while being in the spectre dimension don't worry! Simply type /exitspectre in the chat and you should be teleported back to where you came from.

There's also the "Op Spectre Key", you can only use it when you are an operator on a server or have cheats enabled in single player. You use it like the normal one but instead of getting teleported to your spectre cube you get a list of players that have one and can select which one you want to enter.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Iron Ingot
Ectoplasm (Random Things)

Spectre Iron

GUI Crafting Table.png
Spectre Iron


Spectre Key


Spectre Key has no known uses in crafting.