ME Precision Export Bus

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ME Precision Export Bus
ME Precision Export Bus

Name ME Precision Export Bus
Source Mod Applied Energistics
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Unknown

The ME Precision Export Bus allows more functionality over the ME Basic Export Bus. By default, it will not export any item in the attached inventory, but you can specify up to 8 different items to allow it to export. In addition, you can have it export 1 item per operation or an entire stack, and you can have the export respond to a redstone signal. When working with items that have a damage value, the damage value must be exact, or the Bus will treat it as a different item (e.g. a Diamond Sword that is 1/2 damaged is treated differently than a partially damaged one)

Options for the redstone signal are:

  • Active Always (Ignore)
  • Active With
  • Active Without (Redstone signal turns off export)
  • Once per Pulse -- Activates one time per redstone signal, requiring a full 'off' before allowing another export.

Each Export Bus requires 1 Energy Unit / tick.


GUI Crafting Table.png

ME Basic Export Bus

ME Basic Processor

ME Precision Export Bus


The "ME Precision Export Bus" can be used as method for automatically crafting items. By setting the export mode to "Always Craft Items", the ME system will automatically craft the exported item from materials available in the connected ME network, through a connected Molecular Assembly Chamber. If any needed components are not available, the ME network will automatically craft those, if possible. The way that "ME Precision Export Bus" and Molecular Assembly Chamber interact, you will need to keep the number of "ME Precision Export Buses" similar to the number of "ME Crafting CPUs" to maximize crafting speed.