Flight Control

Flight Control is an upgrade for the Power Armor Head. It has no function unless some sort of flight module is installed.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


Flight Control affects how any installed jetpacks work. While active, pressing the movement keys will cause the player to fly in that direction instead of walking (e.g. pressing W will fly in the direction the player is looking). Holding SPACE will cause the player to ascend, as normal, while holding Z will cause the player to descend. Flight Control will enable the player to levitate in place if they are not pressing any movement keys.

Note that this flight is not the same as flight in Creative Mode or the GraviChestPlate flight, as the player's vertical position is not maintained when pressing WASD. Therefore, Flight Control plus a Jetpack is not a substitute for the GraviChestPlate for those used to Creative-type flight.

Since Flight Control overrides the normal movement controls (WASD) and runs the jetpack almost constantly (consuming energy), it should definitely be bound to a key so it can be toggled off when not needed.