Energy Shield

Energy Shield is an upgrade for any of the Modular Powersuits armor. It provides protection if energy is available.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


The Energy Shield is a way of protecting the player from damage using the energy stored in batteries. It provides up to 6 points of protection per module (24 points for a full set), but consumes 500 J per point of damage taken. The amount of protection can be reduced, however, reducing the energy consumption proportionally. Its main advantage over physical armor is that it does not add any weight - the weight instead comes from installed battery modules. Since these battery modules are required when using other energy-consuming modules, the Energy Shield synergizes well with the armor once the player can afford the energy consumption.

Beware explosions. There is a hidden hard cap (set to 72) to the amount of damage that can be absorbed per hit. Anything more powerful than a Creeper blast may kill instantly regardless of how much energy is available.