Railgun (Modular Powersuits)

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The railgun is a strong but nearly uncontrollable weapon module for the Power Tool. It fires an extremely fast projectile that is capable of slaying most monsters in one strike at maximum power (30 damage or 15 hearts). The railgun does not need ammunition, but it does drain your suit batteries quickly. Unlike the Plasma Cannon, it cannot damage terrain.

The downside is that the recoil launches you away from the direction you are shooting. Place your back against a tree if retreat is not an option, and install a Shock Absorber in your boots so you do not accidentally kill yourself with fall damage.

Shooting below you continuously to gain altitude and in combination with the glider is a cheap alternative to the jetpack/boots untill you can afford 2-6 thrusters, but is considered 'cheating' by some servers and you maybe will get kicked for 'flying'.