Enchantments are permanent, magical alterations to weapons, armors and tools that improve them in several ways. In addition to the suite of enhancements provided by vanilla Minecraft, several mods contribute enchantments[1] of their own.

Available items and blocks for enchanting are as follows;

Vanilla Enchantments[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Protection IV Armor Improves armor damage reduction 0
Fire Protection IV Armor Extinguishes fire faster and reduces fire damage 1
Feather Falling IV Boots Reduces fall damage 2
Blast Protection IV Armor Reduces explosive knockback and damage 3
Projectile Protection IV Armor Reduces damage by projectiles (e. g. Arrows) 4
Respiration III Helmet Increases underwater breath time 5
Aqua Affinity I Helmet Increases underwater mining speed to that above ground and improves underwater vision 6
Thorns III Armor Provides a chance for melee attackers to take damage. Only the highest level from one piece of armor counts. 7
Sharpness V[2] Sword, Axe Increases damage dealt 16
Smite V Sword, Axe Increases damage dealt against undead 17
Bane of Arthropods V Sword, Axe Increases damage dealt to arthropods 18
Knockback II Sword Knocks hit mobs back farther 19
Fire Aspect II Sword Ignites hit mobs 20
Looting III Sword Increases mob drops 21
Efficiency V[2] Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Shears Increases mining speed 32
Silk Touch I Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Shears Most mined blocks will always drop themselves instead of their normal drops 33
Unbreaking III Armor, Weapons, Tools Adds a chance to negate durability reduction 34
Fortune III Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe Increases drops from blocks that do not drop themselves 35
Power V[2] Bow Increases damage dealt by shot Arrows 48
Punch II Bow Knocks mobs hit by Arrows back farther 49
Flame I Bow Ignites shot arrows and mobs hit by them 50
Infinity I Bow Arrows will not be consumed, however at least one arrow is required in the player's inventory 51
Luck of the Sea III Fishing Rod Decreases "junk" catches while fishing and increasing "treasure" catches 61
Lure III Fishing Rod Decreases time before fish bite the hook 62

Mod Enchantments[edit]

Twilight Forest[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Fiery Aura II Armor If present on all four equipped armor pieces, mobs hitting the player will be set on fire 136


Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Frugal III Casting Wand Wand-specific variant of Unbreaking with the same effect 151
Treasure III Casting Wand Wand-specific variant of Fortune with the same effect 153
Potency III Casting Wand Increases the wand's power, exact effects depend on wand type 150
Charging I Casting Wand Slowly recharges wand with Vis from local aura 152
Haste III Boots Increases walking speed 154
Repair II Thaumium Armor and Tools Slowly repairs the item with Vis from local aura 155

Thaumic Tinkerer[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Freezing I Sword Freezes hit mobs, slowing them down (effect negated by Fire) 215
Soulbringer I Sword Potentially makes hit undead attack other undead instead of the player 216
Vampirism I Sword The player will be healed with 1/4 of damage dealt 217
Ashes I Armor, Weapons When the item breaks, it will be restored, but lose this and two other random enchantments 218


Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Reading I Helmet When looking at items in BiblioCraft blocks in the world their hover text will be displayed 188


Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Unstable II Armor When taking damage, Gunpowder will be consumed to create an explosion that damages mobs


NOTE: Default KEY for using enchantments is Left Control

Name Max Level Item Effects ID
1 Up III Jewelry, Chestplate Each enchantment level heals 3 player hearts
Blink III Jewerly, Sword Higher the enchantment level, further a player can teleport (there needs to be 2 blocks of air above the destination block, also player needs an empty hand)
Fall Resistance IV Jewelry, Leggings, Boots Each enchantment level prevents fall damage for up to 10 blocks of fall distance + 3
Focus Punch III Jewelry, Chestplate Players hand damage is increased by half a heart for each enchantment level
Leapfrog IV Jewelry, Leggings, Boots Each enchantment level increases player jump height. Jump is activated with a Key
Inferno III Jewelry, Chestplate Enchantment level 1 ignites creatures when punched, level 2 spawns fire with Right Click + Key , at Level 3 player is resistant to lava and fire
Never Hungry V Jewelry, Helmet Each enchantment level increases how much saturation it provides, whilst always refilling players hunger bar
Paraglide II Jewerly, Sword Toggled ability with a Key, level 1 player can only toggle it, level 2 increased the players falling speed. Pressing Shift slows down the falling.
Poison Ivy III Jewerly, Sword Each enchantment level increases poison duration. Level 1 applies poison with punches, level 2 with Right Click and at level 3 player is cured of poison immediately
Reaper III Jewelry, Sword At level 1 players items are kept upon death, at level 2 player might spawn where he died, at level 3 upon respawning, player is resistant to damage for short while
Restoration III Jewelry At level 1 it will repair items player is holding, at level 2 it will repair players hotbar and at level 3 it also will repair armor pieces
Sonic the Hedgehog V Jewelry, Leggings, Boots Ability activated with a Key, each level increases players run speed
Spiderman III Jewelry Allows player to climb walls, holding Shift disables it
Step Up III Jewelry Each enchantment level allows player to step up half a block
Superman III Jewelry, Sword Each enchantment level increases flight speed, holding down the Key will change flying speeds
Timelord I Jewelry Allows freezing of time (day/night), Right click the jewelry in your hand to toggle the settings

RedPower 2[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Vorpal IV Sword, Athame Adds a chance for hit mobs (except Wither Skeletons) to drop their head on death 80
Disjunction V[2] Sword, Athame Increases damage dealt to Endermen and Wither Skeletons 79

Soul Shards[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Soul Stealer V[2] Sword Increases the amount of souls gained through killing a mob with a Soul Shard on the hotbar 85


  1. There exist other enchantments and mechanics for enchanting, such as Tinkers's Construct upgrading and new Thaumcraft 4' infusing.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 The level V book enchant can be obtained by combining two level IV books on an Anvil, it can be found in a loot chests in the dungeons, or can be obtained with the Advanced Enchantment Table, if that mod is enabled.