"Greetings traveler, have a seat. In this land there are many perils, this you know. What you may not know however, is that there is a new power waiting to be harnessed by a resourceful lad such as yourself. The power I speak of? Power Ore of course!"






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DartCraft is a semi-magical mod focused around power, called Force. It adds a new ore, Power Ore, which is the basis for further tinkering with this mod.

DartCraft is a standalone mod and does not require any other mod to be run, however it is compatible with and offers interaction with some other mods, including:




  • Clipboard: Portable crafting table.
  • Force Belt: Can only hold items added by DartCraft for easy storage.
  • Force Pack: Like a portable chest with 8-40 slots.
  • Item Card: When placed inside a Force Pack, it will allow the automatic insertion of specified items that are picked up into that pack instead of the player's inventory.
  • Force Rod: Magical stick that can alter various items, entities and blocks, sometimes creating new things.
  • Magnet Glove: While the Magnet Glove is in a player's Hotbar and its polarity is positive, items and experience will be drawn toward the player for easy collection.
  • Force Mitts: Farming tool which is a Shovel, Axe, Hoe and Sickle combined, and mines Cobblestone fast but slowly mines ores like a Wooden or Stone Pickaxe.
  • Upgrade Tome: Item needed for the Force Infuser to operate.
  • Force Armor: Armor which has higher durability and damage reduction than Leather armor.
  • Power Drill: Upgraded version of the IC2 Mining Drill after being infused in a Force Infuser.
  • Power Saw: Upgraded version of the IC2 Chainsaw after being infused in a Force Infuser.
  • Force Wrench: DartCraft's version of the IC2 Wrench. Also has the ability to transform ("serialize") most TileEntities into an item form.
  • Force Tools: Highly enchantable tools, both in an Enchantment Table and a Force Infuser.
  • Spoils Bag: Contains up to 8 random pieces of dungeon loot chosen from one of three randomly selected dungeon sets. Found in loot chests and as a mob drop.
  • Bottled Wither: Alternative way of spawning Withers without the need for Wither Skeleton Skulls.
  • Upgrade Cores: Upgrades for tools with sockets like the Power Drill and Power Saw, which cannot be removed again after being applied.



  • Fortune Cookie: Mainly used in a Force Infuser for enchanting. Restores two hunger points (one icon) when eaten.
  • Soul Wafer: Applies random positive potion effect, restores two hunger points (one icon) when eaten.



Main article: Force Infuser

DartCraft adds special enchantments, which can only be applied to Force Tools by placing them into a Force Infuser together with certain items and an Upgrade Tome of a sufficient tier.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
Tier 7

Known Bugs[edit]

  • TileEntities serialized with the Force Wrench do not always render properly.
  • DartCraft TileEntities don't seem to sync properly to the client from time to time.
  • Using the Force Wrench on Thermal Expansion machines/blocks results in a server-wide crash on multiplayer servers.