Thaumic Replication

Thaumic Replication is the concept of creating solid blocks by using liquid Essentia.


For the process you need the following:


  1. Place the Thaumic Replicator.
  2. Place the Warded Jars or Infusion Provider in the area of 21x21x5 centered on the replicator, the closer the better because of the time required to analyse the components.
  3. Place the Hopper under the Thaumic Replicator to output the replicated items. Other item pipes or conduits also work as long as they are outputting from the bottom of the machine.
  4. Right click on the Thaumic Replicator with the block to replicate.
  5. Connect pulse emitter to the machine to start the process. You also can start the process single time manually by right clicking the machine with any wand.
  6. Supply required Essentia as you do for the Infusion.
  7. Replication will start.