Shard of Minium

Shard of Minium
Shard of Minium

Name Shard of Minium
Source Mod Equivalent Exchange 3
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Shard of Minium is an item added by Equivalent Exchange which is occasionally dropped by all aggressive mobs. This counts all aggressive mobs denoted as such in the game or mod code. Mobs from other mods will also drop Minium on occasion, including mobs from the Twilight Forest and potentially Wisps from Thaumcraft. If an Inert Stone is surrounded with eight Shards of Minium, which are fairly rare drops, then it will create a Minium Stone, a very potent and versatile tool which can be used to transmute items of equal value from one form to another.

Doing so in a crafting grid costs one durability point (much as a Handsaw functions) but using it on blocks in the world is entirely free. A Minium Stone has as much durability as a Diamond Pickaxe, meaning that having enough Shards of Minium to create one Minium Stone will last the player a good amount of transmutations.

Shards of Minium appear to drop more frequently when the player kills a mob within a very short period of time or possibly if the player simply attacks the mob very rapidly and will only drop if the player has not received a Shard of Minium in a moderate period of time (about 5-10 minutes?) Thus, weak enemies from the Twilight Forest such as a Kobold, a Redcap Goblin or so forth make for good production of Shards of Minium, so long as a portal to the Forest can be created.


Currently, the Shard of Minium has no other purpose and will most likely be phased out in a future version of Equivalent Exchange; according to comments by the creator in the Equivalent Exchange 3 forum thread on the Minecraft Forums and in the change log, this is a temporary method of transmuting items. This item is currently found in the mod code and in NEI but serves no known purpose and cannot be either created or placed.

The Minium Stone now requires Minium Dust instead of Minium Shards.

This shard has nothing to do with the Soul Shard or the Soul Shards mod.


Shard of Minium has no known uses in crafting.