Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers' Construct

Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers' Construct
Name Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers' Construct
Creator Unknown
Type Add-on
Latest Version Unknown
Minecraft Version Unknown
Forum Minecraft Forum thread
Root Mod Tinkers' Construct
Modpacks Agrarian Skies
Blast Off!
Blood N' Bones
Feed The Beast Departed
Hexi's Dark Depths
Journey to the Core
Magic Farm 2
Material Energy^4
Resonant Rise
Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2
TolkienCraft II

IguanaTweaks is a mod which is all about rebalancing the mod Tinkers' Construct. It features tools which have levels and tool parts which can be exchanged (as long as the tool is at full durability). The levels also add a random modifier to the tool, such as Fiery, Lifestealing and Beheading. IguanaTweaks also adds the possibility to use any crafting windows to upgrade or repair your tool. The mod adds some restrictions, so that only certain materials can be used for certain things, such as wooden materials can only be used for rods, bindings, shovel heads, knife blades and arrow heads. IguanaTweaks also changes which ores can be mined by the different pickaxe heads, e.g. Obsidian is required to make Alumite, which is required to mine Ardite, which is required to mine Cobalt. IguanaTweaks also adds a Clay Bucket, which is made in the same pattern as a regular bucket, however, it needs to be smelted to be put to use (and it can only carry Lava once, and the bucket is destroyed afterwards). Mobs such as Endermen and Blazes also drop heads that can be used to upgrade your tools for bonuses.