Direwolf20 Config Pack Season 4

This article is about the Direwolf20 Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5. You may be looking for another version of the pack.
Direwolf20 Config Pack Season 4
Direwolf20 Config Pack Season 4
Name Direwolf20 Config Pack Season 4
Creator Direwolf20
Launcher Vanilla SSP or MultiMC
Latest Version Unknown
Minecraft Version 1.2.5
Website Forum Post and Changelog

The Direwolf20 Config Pack, Season 4 is a config file and a collection of mods for Minecraft 1.2.5. It was created by Direwolf20, a popular YouTube personality known for his mod spotlights, tutorials and Let's Play series. This pack uses the same mod configuration as used in the (now finished) Season 4 of his single-player Let's Play series, and thus supports playing the series' map snapshots released every ten episodes.

The downloads provide only the config files; the mods themselves must be obtained separately.


Hello Everyone! Direwolf20 here,

I'm just starting my new Lets Play series for Minecraft v1.2.5!! This is season 4 of my Minecraft Lets Play series! I have a TON of mods going on, so the easiest way to list them all would be in the spoiler below-- which includes a link to all my config files, and a 'How to install' video tutorial!


Version 7/31/12 of the Direwolf20 Config Pack contains the following mods:

Name Version
Additional Buildcraft Objects v100
Advanced Machines
BuildCraft 3.1.5
CodeChickenCore 0.5.3
Compact Solars
Doggy Talents 2.2.1
EnderStorage 1.1.3
Equivalent Exchange 2
IndustrialCraft2 1.97
Inventory Tweaks 1.41b
Iron Chests
Laser Mod 1.5
Logistics Pipes BC3-0.2.5B
Minecraft Forge
Modular Force Field System
Mystcraft 0.8.6b
NEI Plugins
Not Enough Items
Nuclear Control 1.1.8
Obsidian Pressure Plates
OmniTools 3.0.4
Optifine optional
Portal Gun 1.2.5v1
Railcraft 5.3.2
RedPower 2 pr5b2
Sneaky Pipes 0.1.1
Sparrow API 1.1.0
Steve's Carts 1 1.4.4
Teleport Pipes 3.1.0
Thaumcraft 2 2.1.6d
Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition 1.2.1