Dimensional Dungeon

Dimensional Dungeons are structures/dimensions added by the Dimensional Doors mod. Dimensional Dungeons are accessed by going through the random portal structure placed throughout the overworld. In dimensional dungeons, you can find loot such as Golden Apples, Redstone, TNT, Dimensional Doors, Rift Blades, Fabric Of Reality, Enchanted Books, certain bees from Forestry, Bread, and very rarely, Blocks Of Diamond. These dimensions are dangerous for they have many traps that include Tripwires, Pistions, TNT, Silverfish, and tricks (TNT being activated but dropped down while you run ahead and step on a trip wire and fall to your death...). As well as in these dimensions are Monoliths that will teleport you to Limbo if you get too close to them, other than them, there are no other monsters besides silverfish.