Rift Blade

Rift Blade
Rift Blade

Name Rift Blade
Source Mod Dimensional Doors
ID Name Unknown
Type Weapon
Stackable Unknown

Rift Blade is an item from Dimensional Doors. This blade is about as strong as a diamond sword, but has special abilities.


Tapping right click when there is a maximum of seven blocks between the player and the target will teleport the player a block away from them, unless terrain is occupying that block, in which case it will teleport the player as close as possible. This is useful if the player enchants the sword with the knockback enchantment, as they can follow up attacks in quick succession.

Holding right click down, however, will charge up what is essentially a one use Dimensional Door, however walking through the portal made will leave a Rift behind. It acts exactly as a dimensional door, however using the rift blade inside a dimension will teleport you out in the same way as a Warp Door, relative to your position from the original door. The arguably more important use of this is the ability to temporarily open up rifts, allowing the player to safely traverse the Dimensional Dungeons without having fear of getting trapped by a broken warp door.