Dimensional Doors

Dimensional Doors is a mod by StevenRS11 and SenseiKiwi which adds a whole new set of Dungeons to explore in an alternate dimension, as well as pocket dimensions which can be used to create large rooms that don't take up space in the Overworld, and teleportation doors which can transport players between two doors even tens-of-thousands of blocks away.

Valuable loot awaits explorers who can survive the many traps of the dimensional dungeons.

Note that each dungeon room has its own world map, so expect hundreds of maps to be generated.

Dimensional Dungeons[edit]

Dimensional dungeons are each one a randomized maze of rooms provided by the Dimensional Doors mod which consist mostly of Fabric of Reality, a solid black substance which disguises the environment of these dimensions to resemble an empty black void, and various types of Stone Brick.

Dimensional dungeons can be found from the Overworld between two short pillars of Stone Brick which will spawn in the world naturally when this mod is installed.

There general types of rooms which make up dimensional dungeons are: rooms containing multiple doors to other rooms, rooms which are simply passageways from one room to another, trap, and loot rooms, though loot can be found in many trapped rooms as well. Trapped rooms usually employ pressure plates and trip wires for trap activation, and can use pistons, TNT, and silverfish to try to bring the player to an untimely demise. Occasionally a trap will consist of a simple hole in the ground, sometimes large and sometimes small, disguised by the Fabric of Reality, which will drop the player into an endless void before killing them.

Loot: Among the items found as loot inside of chests in these rooms are: Enchanting Book, Gunpowder, TNT, Music Disc, Cocoa Bean, Redstone Dust, Cookie, Bread, Wheat, Iron Ingot, Bucket, Saddle, String, Safari Net (Single Use), Rift Blade, Rift Remover, Rift Signature, Fabric of Reality (note that this is the only way to obtain Fabric of Reality without using silk touch, as mining it without silk touch results in no drop.) Some rooms also contain Iron Blocks and Diamond Blocks.


If the player dies in a dimensional dungeon or in a pocket dimension, the player will be sent to Limbo. Limbo is a dimension in which fall damage does not effect the player and items in inventory before death will be retained, but the player must find a portal similar to those seen on the overworld to enter a dimensional dungeon in order to escape. These portals are much harder to see against the landscape of Limbo however since everything in Limbo is made of a dark block called Unraveled Fabric. Alternately the player may venture deeper down into limbo until a flat plane of eternal fabric is reached. Stepping onto one of these flat planes will teleport the player back to the Overworld, but at a completely random location which could be tens of thousands of blocks away from the original portal or door. Alternatively it could transport the player high up in the air, causing the player to die on impact.

Pocket Dimensions[edit]

Pocket dimensions are rooms that can be placed by the player using a Dimensional Door. These dimensions consist of one large room enclosed in Fabric of Reality, which is then once more encased in an impermeable layer of Fabric of Reality, meaning that there is no way of falling into an infinite void in these dimensions. More Dimensional Doors can be placed within these pocket dimension rooms to create the player's own system of rooms with the benefit of taking up no extra space in the Overworld.


Rifts are the black cloudy residue of a dimensional door or dimensional portal. They are what is left behind when the player walks through a dimensional dungeon portal, preventing the player from re-entering that same portal unless the player re-opens the portal by right-clicking on it with a Rift Blade. Rift clouds can sometimes spawn in nature as well, but if multiple rifts occur near each other for any reason they will start to multiply and eat away at the world around them similar to the way Endermen pick up blocks, only with more destructive results. Additionally Endermen themselves will begin to occasionally spawn in these areas.

Rifts can be destroyed either by placing a block directly in the block of space where they occur, or by right-clicking on them with a Rift Remover.

Rifts without portals or doors attached to them can also be created using a Rift Signature. A Rift Signature links any two points set by the player by right clicking with the Rift Signature. Upon the first right-click, the coordinates of where it was clicked will be stored, and when the item is right-clicked a second time somewhere else, rift clouds will appear at both locations. If a Dimensional Door is then placed down at one rift point and then the player walks through that door, a matching door will be created at the point of the other rift for the player to walk through. This can be very useful as an escape method if a player becomes lost in a dimensional dungeon.

Rift Blades[edit]

A Rift Blade is a sword found in dimensional dungeons. It has the power to open temporary pocket dimension portals by holding down the right-click for an extended time, however this will not create a permanent door and once the player goes through it a rift will be left behind.

The Rift Blade additionally has a special attack which teleports the player to a nearby enemy if the player is close enough and right-clicks the enemy. These two abilities seem to be treated by the game as enchantments and the usual glow of an enchanted item can be seen on the weapon. It should be noted that while placing a Rift Blade on an Anvil with an enchanting book will seem as though it can apply the enchantment, it doesn't appear as though these enchantments actually become applied to the weapon.


Monoliths are the unique mobs found in the dimensions added by the mod. These creatures are used outside of Limbo to prevent cheating. If the player mines outside the stone brick trap hallways, the Monoliths will begin to teleport you to Limbo.

Upon approaching a Monolith a texture of an eye will slowly open. Once you are close enough to the Monolith, the eye will fully open and an ender effect will appear around you. Eye contact does not matter, proximity is what triggers it. Shortly after, you will transported to a random location in Limbo; whether you are already in Limbo or not doesn't matter. This can be used to your advantage to quickly traverse Limbo in search of a portal back.

The Monoliths cannot be harmed in any way, and unless you intend to travel to the Limbo it is highly advised to avoid them. It is also worth noting that you can see Monoliths on the mini-map, represented by a red texture missing sign (red question mark.) Monoliths cannot hurt the player in any way besides teleporting them.