Name BioReactor
Source Mod MineFactory Reloaded
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The BioReactor will turn plant matter into BioFuel. The base conversion rate is 1 item to 80 millibuckets of biofuel. However, if multiple types of items are converted at the same time, the process becomes more efficient.

Known fuel sources (likely incomplete):

Noteworthy items that the BioReactor doesn't process:

Number of items millibuckets of biofuel per item
1 80
2 90
3 100
4 110
5 120
6 130
7 140
8 150
9 160


If supplied with a redstone signal, the reactor will do nothing. This can be helpful when loading items to get a high efficiency. It has an internal biofuel storage of 4 buckets, and will automatically output into Fluid Pipes. It requires no energy input to work, and generates biofuel at a rate of 1mB/tick.

Comparing to a Fermenter->Still setup, the BioReactor is better for mushrooms and saplings (the only two inputs they have in common). A Fermenter makes 50 mB of biomass from mushrooms and 250 mB of biomass from saplings. Using a Still, that makes 15mB of Biofuel from mushrooms and 75 mB from saplings. On top of that, a Fermenter and Still both require power to operate while the BioReactor does not.

As of some recent Modpacks:

Number of items millibuckets of biofuel per item
1 5
2 12.5
3 23.33
4 37.5
5 55
6 75.83
7 100
8 127.5
9 158.33