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Name Rancher
Source Mod MineFactory Reloaded
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)

The Rancher is a machine added by MineFactory Reloaded. It is used to farm items that can be obtained from mobs without killing them, such as Wool from Sheep. It can accept MJ, RF or EU for power, and ejects any items obtained out the back of the machine or into adjacent storage blocks or pipes.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Plastic Sheets
Plastic Sheets
Plastic Sheets


Factory Machine Block


With Thermal Expansion recipes enabled[edit]


When the Rancher is receiving power, it will examine a 5x5 area in front of it (unlike most MFR machines, the radius can not be increased with Upgrades). It will then collect one item per valid mob in the radius every 10 seconds (200 ticks). As such, putting more mobs in the Rancher's scan radius will increase the rate it gathers items. For each item the Rancher produces, it will use 80 EU, 32 MJ or 320 RF and if supplied with a minimum of 5 EU/t, 2 MJ/t or 20 RF/t the Rancher will function fully while slowly gaining power in its internal buffer between actions. This will continue until the internal buffer reaches its maximum at 8000 EU, 3200 MJ or 32000 RF, at which time the Rancher will maintain its maximum internal buffer until its supply of power is taken away. The Rancher's internal energy storage will provide enough to gather 100 items.

Valid mobs and items they produce are listed below.

Mob Product Notes
Chicken Egg None.
Sheep Wool Sheep must have wool for the Rancher to shear it, so make sure they are on Grass Blocks.
Cow Milk Milk can either be output as a liquid to adjacent liquid pipes or containers, or if the Rancher is given buckets in its internal inventory it will produce Milk Buckets.
Mooshroom Mushroom Stew, Milk In addition to providing milk as noted above, if you give the Rancher Bowls in its internal inventory, it will produce Mushroom Stew.
Squid Ink Sacs You will likely need a way to move mobs like a Safari Net or Golden Lasso to get a squid in range of the Rancher. a Jailer's Safari Net can be used to help prevent a captured Squid from despawning.