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This template displays grid images with a bee comb.
Type {{Bees/Combs|<<Comb Name>>}} somewhere.
{{Bees/Combs|lavender}} Lavender Comb
{{Bees/Combs|randomname}} Unknown Comb
Full List
Windy Comb airy Alcoholic Comb alcoholic Amber Comb amber2 Amber Comb amber
Ancient Comb ancient Ashen Comb ashen Azure Comb azure Barren Comb barren
Bauxite Comb bauxite Blaze Comb blazing Bleached Comb bleached Brazen Comb brazen
Brimstone Comb brimstone Bronze Comb bronze Certus Comb certus Cinnabar Comb cinnabar
Citrus Comb citrus Clay Comb clay Cocoa Comb cocoa Coffee Comb coffee
Copper Comb copper Darkened Comb darkened Decomposed Comb decomposed Diamond Comb diamond
Dripping Comb dripping Dusty Comb dusty Earthy Comb earthy Ebony Comb ebony
Electrum Comb electrum Emerald Comb emerald Essence Comb essence Firey Comb firey
Forest Comb forest Forgotten Comb forgotten Fossilised Comb fossilised Frozen Comb frozen
Fruity Comb fruity Fuchsia Comb fuchsia Fungal Comb fungal Furtive Comb furtive
Glacial Comb glacial Glowing Comb glowing2 Glowing Comb glowing Golden Comb golden
Harmonizing Comb harmonizing Honey Comb honey Indigo Comb indigo Infused Comb infused
Invar Comb invar Iridium Comb iridium Iron Comb iron Irradiated Comb irradiated
Lapis Comb lapis Latex Comb latex Lavender Comb lavender Leaden Comb leaden
Lime Comb lime Maroon Comb maroon Mellow Comb mellow Memory Comb memory
Milky Comb milky Mint Comb mint Molten Comb molten Mossy Comb mossy
Mucous Comb mucous Mundane Comb mundane Mysterious Comb mysterious Nickel Comb nickel
Occult Comb occult Oily Comb oily Olivine Comb olivine Omega Comb omega
Otherworldy Comb otherworldy Papery Comb papery Parched Comb parched Peat Comb peat
Petroleum Comb petroleum Platinum Comb platinum Potent Comb potent Powdery Comb powdery
Prussian Comb prussian Pulped Comb pulped Pyrite Comb pyrite Radioactive Comb radioactive
Reddened Comb reddened Rocky Comb rocky Rotten Comb rotten Ruby Comb ruby
Saffron Comb saffron Sapphire Comb sapphire Seedy Comb seedy Sepia Comb sepia
Shadow Comb shadow Shimmering Comb shimmering Silky Comb silky Silver Comb silver
Simmering Comb simmering Bone Comb skeletal Slate Comb slate Sodalite Comb sodalite
Soul Comb soul Sphalerite Comb sphalerite Spoiled Comb spoiled Stark Comb stark
Static Comb static Steel Comb steel Stringy Comb stringy Tar Comb tar
Temporal Comb temporal Tin Comb tin Titanium Comb titanium Tungsten Comb tungsten
Turquoise Comb turquoise Unknown Comb unknown Unstable Comb unstable Venomous Comb venomous
Watery Comb watery Wet Comb wet Wheaten Comb wheaten Windy Comb windy
Zinc Comb zinc
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