Essentia (Thaumcraft 3)

Essentia/TC3 is a condensed form of Aspects. It is created by using a Glass Phial to recover Aspects from an Arcane Alembic attached to a Cauldron and is one of the best ways of providing aspects for Research or to an Infusion Altar. Each Essentia is named "Essentia _______", where ________ is its aspect. It has eight of this aspect and no other aspect; for example, a phial of Essentia Potentia has eight of the Potentia aspect and no other aspects. It can be created intentionally or accidentally by the player.

When created intentionally, a thaumaturge will typically throw elements with the desired aspects into a Crucible (making sure that the resulting aspects will not cause the Alembics to overflow, causing Flux) tap the Crucible with any wand (does not consume Vis or generate Flux) and then recover the Essentia via Glass Phials or Golems. The aspects thrown into the cauldron must each be divisible by eight, as Essentia cannot be recovered and stored in Phials or Warded Jars if it is not divisible by eight.

The aspects must also not cause the Alembics to overflow. If one aspect is being converted to Essentia, any multiple of eight not greater than sixty-four will be fine (assumes four Alembics present.) If two aspects are being converted, then there must be either eight, sixteen, twenty-four or thirty-two of each aspect type. If three are being converted, then two aspects can be present in quantities eight or sixteen and the other in eight, sixteen, twenty-four or thirty-two. If four are being converted, then all four must be present in quantities eight or sixteen. Other amounts of aspects or Alembics will cause Alembic overflow and, by extension, Flux.

Essentia can also be created via the storing of excess Aspects from throwing items into the Crucible and using some, but not all, of the aspects of the items in the Crucible for crafting in the Infusion Altar. The excess aspects can then be converted into the Essentia format and stored for later.

Although Glass Phials have one each of the Vacuous and Vitreus aspects, these aspects are not present in Essentia, as Essentia is a purified form of an aspect with only one aspect present.

In their tooltip, Essentia vials will also display the keyword(s) pertaining to that aspect. For example, Essentia Vitreus displays "Glass, Crystal, Gem, Transparent" in its tooltip.

If Magic Bees is present, Essentia can also be crafted by surrounding a Glass Phial with eight of the same Crystallized Aspect, created by Pure Bees purifying a Node of its Flux and depositing the resulting Aspects in the Apiary or Alveary in this form.