Death Messages

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The main article can be found at Minecraft Wiki: Death messages.

With the extensive change to gameplay that all these mods add, death is still a common feature. Bellow, we list some of the death messages added with theses mods!


Hit by Steam Locomotive[edit]

  • PLAYER caught the wrong train.
  • PLAYER bought a one-way ticket to the afterlife
  • PLAYER played chicken with a train; the train won
  • PLAYER played on the tracks
  • PLAYER got hit by a train

Hit by Tunnel Bore[edit]

  • PLAYER thought they could do better than John Henry.
  • PLAYER got stuck between a rock and a hard place
  • PLAYER tried to stop the bore
  • PLAYER got in the way of progress

Modular Force Field System[edit]

  • PLAYER was fried by a forcefield.
  • [Interdiction Matrix] Farewell
    • Displayed when a player is killed by an Interdiction Matrix
    • Only displays to killed player

Modular Powersuits[edit]

  • PLAYER was pummeled
    • When a player was strike by a plasma canon shot

Tinkers' Construct[edit]

“Smelted” in a Smeltery[edit]

  • PLAYER has fused with the Smeltery
  • PLAYER thought swimming in hot liquids was a good idea
  • PLAYER transformed into Soylent Green
  • PLAYER will be a stepping stone for our revolution!

Up And Down And All Around[edit]

See more here - Fall Up Out Of World.

  • PLAYER asphyxiated
  • PLAYER ran out of air
  • PLAYER's blood boiled
  • PLAYER discovered first-hand that blood boils in space
  • PLAYER tried to go to the moon without a rocket
  • PLAYER forgot to bring a spacesuit
  • PLAYER became a satellite
  • PLAYER left orbit
  • PLAYER was sent to outer space, to find another race
  • PLAYER tried to dock with the ISS
  • PLAYER was abducted by aliens
  • PLAYER was hit by cosmic rays
  • PLAYER fell into a black hole
  • PLAYER has gone to infinity and beyond


  • PLAYER was stabbed by a loose spring.
  • death.attack.bolt
  • death.attack.hep

Note: The death messages appear to be broken in FTB Unleashed as of version 1.1.3