Advanced Genetics

Advanced Genetics
Advanced Genetics
Name Advanced Genetics
Creator ObsiLP
Type Genetic Modification
Latest Version 1.5.9
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Team DNA
Forum MC Forum thread
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Feed The Beast Horizons
Feed The Beast Monster
Feed The Beast Unstable
Test Pack Please Ignore
Yogscast Complete Pack

The Advanced Genetics mod focuses on Genetic science, the sampling and manipulation of mob genes to be used in innovative ways. There are 7 core machines needed to properly use this mod, and 6 optional machines. This is in addition to several items used for gathering, crafting, manipulation of genes and genetic abilities. All machines require energy in the form of Redstone Flux or Energy Unit, and the mod has its own source of energy, the Combustion Generator in the event that no other compatible energy source is available.

Basic Use[edit]

  1. Skin Scales are collected by Right-clicking any mob with a Scraper, or by using an Auto Scraper on a mob farm. This process does only a little damage to the mob.
  2. These Scales are then placed into a DNA Analyser in order to obtain a Cell from the mob.
  3. This Cell is placed into a DNA Extractor to obtain an Encrypted Helix.
  4. This Encrypted Helix is placed in a DNA Decrypter. It will then turn into an Helix and reveal its trait(s), or if it is just a Basic Gene.
  5. The resulting Helix can then be placed into a DNA Splitter, which is used to choose the Gene to isolate, if the Helix contains more than one.
  6. Non-basic genes are placed into a DNA Breeder. This will display how much material it will take to build a Completed Gene. Genes of the same type will add two, and Basic Genes will add one.
  7. Syringes are used to take a sample of the Player's blood. This is done by Right-clicking and holding until it shapes.
  8. This Syringe with the Player's blood will then need to be placed into a Centrifuge before it can be combined with the Completed Gene.
  9. This Completed Gene is then placed in the left slot of a DNA Combiner, and the Centrifuged Syringe on the right.
  10. After they are combined, they will need to be placed in the Centrifuge one last time.
  11. Finally, the Syringe can be injected the same way that the blood was taken, and the Player will obtain the selected Gene Power.

Upon death, all genetic modifications will be lost. As a safeguard, after the wanted genes are injected, a sample of the Player's modified blood can be taken. It can then be placed in a Centrifuge and then stored for safe keeping. Once re-spawned, a Player can re-inject with the old blood to restore the previous abilities.


  • When giving a mob wool, the wool cannot be sheared using Steel Shears.
  • When used with the Sync mod, changes are stored per clone, meaning that if changes are made to one clone they will not be applied to the others, and the Player can switch between clones without removing genetic changes to the others. Also if one of the clones dies, the genetic changes remain on the other clones.

Tutorial Video[edit]