Vishroom Spores

Vishroom Spores
Vishroom Spores

Name Vishroom Spores
Source Mod AgriCraft
ID Name Unknown
OreDict Names
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Vishroom Spores are seeds added by the AgriCraft mod that can be grown into Vishrooms.

AgriCraft Crossbreeding[edit]

To obtain, a Brown Mushroom Spore must be crossbred with Shimmerleaf Seeds with Mycelium between them.

Note: In order to Cross Breed your first vishroom you will need to make the light Level low enough so that the plots that contain the brown mushroom spore and the plot that WILL contain the Vishroom spore can grow. However, the Shimmerleaf seed needs high enough light to grow (as well as the nearby silverwood log). Wrapping all this in a tunnel with the shimmerleaf closer to the light at the end of tunnel should be sufficient.

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Brown Mushroom Spores
Shimmerleaf Seeds
Vishroom Spores


Vishroom Spores can be used to create the following items: