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This template displays grid images with a Magic Bees bee.
Type {{Bees/Magic|<<Bee Name>>}} somewhere.
{{Bees/Magic|praecantatio}} Praecantatio Bee
{{Bees/Magic|randomname}} Unknown Bee
Full List
Abandoned Bee abandoned Aluminum Bee aluminum Apatine Bee apatine Aqua Bee aqua
Arcane Bee arcane Ardite Bee ardite Argentum Bee argentum Arkanen Bee arkanen
Attractive Bee attractive Attuned Bee attuned Aura Bee aura Auric Bee auric
Aware Bee aware Batty Bee batty Beefy Bee beefy Blitz Bee blitz
Brainy Bee brainy Charmed Bee charmed Cobalt Bee cobalt Cuprum Bee copper
Cuprum Bee cuprum Diamandi Bee diamandi Diamandi Bee diamond Doctoral Bee doctoral
Draconic Bee draconic Earthen Bee earthen Eis Bee eis Eldritch Bee eldritch
Esmeraldi Bee emerald Enchanted Bee enchanted Erde Bee erde Esmeraldi Bee esmeraldi
Esoteric Bee esoteric Ethereal Bee ethereal Ferrous Bee ferrous Feuer Bee feuer
Firey Bee firey Flux Bee flux Forlorn Bee forlorn Ghastly Bee ghastly
Auric Bee gold Gossamer Bee gossamer Hateful Bee hateful Ignis Bee ignis
Infernal Bee infernal Ferrous Bee iron Plumbum Bee lead Lordly Bee lordly
Luft Bee luft Magma Bee magma Manyullyn Bee manyullyn Minium Bee minium
Mysterious Bee mysterious Mystical Bee mystical Nameless Bee nameless Attractive Bee node
Oblivion Bee oblivion Plumbum Bee plumbum Porcine Bee porcine Poultry Bee poultry
Praecantatio Bee praecantatio Pupil Bee pupil Pure Bee pure Quintessential Bee quintessential
Rejuvenating Bee rejuvenating Savant Bee savant Scholarly Bee scholarly Argentum Bee silver
Skulking Bee skulking Smouldering Bee smouldering Solum Bee solum Sorcerous Bee sorcerous
Soul Bee soul Spidery Bee spidery Spirit Bee spirit Spiteful Bee spiteful
Stannum Bee stannum Stark Bee stark Staude Bee staude Supernatural Bee supernatural
Timely Bee timely Stannum Bee tin Unknown Bee unknown Unusual Bee unusual
Vis Bee vis Vortex Bee vortex Wasser Bee wasser Watery Bee watery
Wight Bee wight Windy Bee windy Wispy Bee wispy Withering Bee withering
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