Name Switches
Creator Unknown
Type Logic Blocks
Latest Version
Minecraft Version 1.6.4
Forum Feed The Beast Forums
Root Mod CodeChickenCore
Modpacks Agrarian Skies
Direwolf20 1.6 Pack
Feed The Beast Horizons
Feed The Beast Lite 2
Feed The Beast Monster
Feed The Beast Unleashed
JoeGaming ModPack
Magic Farm
Magic Farm 2
Magic World 2
Tech World 2
Ultra Hard Survival (ATLauncher)
Yogscast Complete Pack

Switches is a mod by Myrathi which provides alternative switch designs (inspired by SethBling's Bite-Sized Minecraft episodes).

Switches are placed and respond just like vanilla Levers. This means they can be placed on any side of a block. Right-clicking a switch toggles its state between on and off. When CodeChickenCore mod is also present, switches (or levers) can be toggled by having a piston extend directly against it. A retracting Sticky Piston will also pull a lever back towards itself.

Switches made of different materials do not act differently - it's just for aesthetics.

The list of switches available: