Solar Flux

Solar Flux
Name Solar Flux
Creator Nauktis
Latest Version 2.3r
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Website
Forum MC Forum
Root Mod CoFH Core
Modpacks Feed The Beast Lite 3
Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2
The Crack Pack 2
The Dark Trilogy

Solar Flux is a mod by Nauktis (A.K.A. Tree Puncher) that adds 6 tiers of solar panels using Thermal Expansion's Redstone Flux energy system. The lowest tier can produce 2 Rf/t and the highest tier can produce 4.096 KRF/t.

Solar Flux also adds upgrades that increase the solar panel's efficiency, production in low light, RF Capacity, and compatibility with machines. When the Machine Traversal Upgrade is installed, RF can be transferred directly to connected machines.

Solar Flux's solar panels are fully configurable, so you can change each tier's block height, production rate, RF Storage, and transfer rate.