Name Page
Source Mod Mystcraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

A Page is a Mystcraft item which is used for writing Descriptive Books or storing in a Notebook. A page may contain a symbol which describes some aspect of an age, or it may be left blank. Blank pages can be edited on a Writing Desk to copy a symbol from another page. A descriptive book needs at least one page, and you can use a blank page to generate a completely random age.

Pages can be created blank by placing paper into a Book Binder, or they can be copied from a notebook into a new page on a Writing Desk. This is done by placing a Notebook or a Descriptive Book in one of the slots on the left, then right-clicking on the page which the player desires to copy. If Ink Vials and Paper are present, a new page identical to the one copied will appear in a slot of the Desk's GUI.

Pages with Symbols must first be found, and then can be copied; they cannot be created from scratch or found simply by spam-creating Descriptive Books with random pages. In earlier versions, prior to 0.10.x, Descriptive Books which were randomly generated would show which symbols were used, and these could then be copied. This functionality is no longer present, and the pages in a random Descriptive Book are now all blank. Pages can be found in the following locations:

  • A village may contain an Archivist's House, which will contain lecterns with up to two symbol pages, as well as a Writing Desk and some Bookshelves.
  • An Archivist villager trades symbol pages in exchange for emeralds. Some symbol pages (such as Diamond Ore) can cost up to 64 emeralds, depending on how "rare" they are.
  • Random loot in any chest, such as dungeons, mineshafts, Barrow Hills and so forth
  • The Abandoned Library, found near spawn in every age, contains lecterns with up to five symbol pages and a hidden chest with up to eight more symbol pages and, sometimes, a Notebook with even more.

Many different types of pages are available, each giving the user a different symbol to add to his Notebook.