Name MPSaddons
Creator eximius88
Latest Version 900
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Forum [1]
Root Mod Modular Powersuits
Modpacks Feed The Beast Unleashed
Test Pack Please Ignore
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MPSA is a mod that extends the experience of Modular Powersuits (MPS). Initially, in 1.4.7, MPSA was integrated into MPS because there were just a few modules that were added. As time went on, more and more modules were added to the point that MachineMuse (The author of MPS) and Andrew2448 (The author of MPSA) decided that they would be better off splitting the two mods apart for organizational purposes.

This mod depends on Modular Powersuits. If you do not have MPS installed, your game will not launch. (However if you are playing an FTB pack with MPSA, MPS will be installed.)

Addons added from MPSA

It is assumed you will have a basic understanding of MPS mechanics before reading these.



Arguably, the most popular module additions of MPSA are the internal generators. Under normal circumstances, MPS runs off of the power of other mods (either IC2 EU, Thermal Expansion MJ, or Universal Electricity Joule). These generators allow you to charge your suit without having to use an external energy system.

Kinetic Generator, Solar Generator, Thermal Generator


The Auto-Feeder module will make sure that you never go hungry. If the player becomes hungry, it will "eat" the first item it finds in the player's inventory, starting from the bottom left. The excess food points that are gained from this food will be stored in the module for later use.


The clock module will add a clock to your HUD that will update realtime with your world. It also displays either a 12hour or 24hour time. (Editable in config, the default is a 12hour system).


The compass module will add a compass to your HUD that will update realtime with your world. It acts just like the compass from vanilla but will always be available to you.

EU Reader[edit]

The EU reader module is only activated if you have IndustrialCraft installed. Just like the EU Reader from IndustrialCraft, it will allow you to get energy readings on any IC2 wire or machine.

Flint and Steel[edit]

The Flint and Steel module will act just like vanilla Flint and Steel, allowing you to create an almost infinite supply of fire.

In Place Assembler[edit]

The In Place Assembler allows you to carry around a 3x3 crafting table with you at all times. Whenever you want to craft something, all you have to do is activate it from your power tool. Items will drop from the inventory if you exit out of it, just like a normal crafting table.

Leaf Blower[edit]

The Leaf Blower will help clear out large areas of plants, tall grass, or leaves. Its radius is configurable from 1 to 3, (3x3 -> 9x9). This will remind some people of the sickle from Redpower 2.

Lightning Summoner[edit]

The Lightning Summoner allows the player to spawn lightning at any position. It has a very high energy cost though and it will give you an extreme amount of heat (100), which can be deadly if you don't have any heatsinks installed.


The Magnet module works just like NEI's magnet mode. It will draw and items towards the player within a 6 block radius. It has a constant energy drain though so it is suggested that you bind this module to a key for activation/deactivation.

Mob Repulsor[edit]

The Mob Repulsor will keep all mobs away from you, as well as arrows. No matter how hard they try, the mobs will never be able to touch you. Works similarly to the interdiction torch from Equivalent Exchange 2.

Ore Scanner[edit]

The Ore Scanner module will give you a detailed reading of how valuable the land is around you. It is configurable from 3x3 -> 9x9. Each block that is scanned takes 50 energy. It supports almost every mod ore. A chart for the values can be found here.

Thermal Expansion[edit]

Like the name suggests, this module will act just like a multimeter from Thermal Expansion. More info can be found on the Thermal Expansion wiki here.

Torch Placer[edit]

The Torch Placer will allow you to store up to 256 torches in your powertool for later use. It is very helpful for saving inventory space and will allow you to adventure even farther. It will automatically eat torches it finds in your inventory until it reaches its maximum capacity.


The Treetap module works exactly like the treetap from IndustrialCraft. More information can be found here.

Water Tank[edit]

The Water Tank module offers an additional option to cool your powersuit. By default, it has a capacity of 200 (we'll call it buckets but the water in this case doesn't really have a unit) buckets and 1kg of weight. It can be tinkered to 1000 buckets and 5kg max. To fill up your water tank, all you have to do is stand in water and it will fill up 20b/s (buckets per second). Now this module won't do much during your day to day activity, but if you manage to generate enough heat that you are above your maximum it will automatically turn on and beginning draining to the water to cool you down even quicker. Each unit of water translates to 1 heat unit, so when it turns on you will automatically begin losing 20b/s, but also 20heat/s. This will stop when either 1. You fall below your maximum heat level, where it returns to normal cooling methods, or 2. When you run out of water.


Solar Panel[edit]

"A light sensitive device that will generate electricity from the sun."


"A metallic device that generates a magnetic field which pulls items towards the player."

Computer Chip[edit]

"An upgraded control circuit that contains a CPU which is capable of more advanced calculations.