Liquid DNA (Gendustry)

Liquid DNA (Gendustry)
Liquid DNA (Gendustry)

Name Liquid DNA (Gendustry)
Source Mod Gendustry
ID Name Unknown
Type Liquid
Stackable Yes (64)

Liquid DNA is made in the DNA Extractor. It is produced from Forestry Saplings, Pollen, Butterflies, or Bees. The machine must be supplied with Genetics Labware and RF Power to operate; labware is occasionally used up. Liquid DNA is used in the Genetic Replicator to produce and organism with the genes specified by a Genetic Template.

Item DNA per Item
Forest Queen 600 mB
Forest Princess 500 mB
Forest Drone 100 mB
Apple Oak Sapling 100 mB
Apple Oak Pollen 400 mB
Caterpillar 1000mB
Butterfly 200 mB
Serum 800 mB