Felling Turtle

Felling Turtle
Felling Turtle

Name Felling Turtle
Source Mod ComputerCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Mobile computer
Stackable Yes (64)

A Felling Turtle is a turtle crafted with a diamond axe. It can be programmed to cut down and plant trees.

Since a Mining Turtle can do everything that a Felling Turtle can do and more, and has the same material cost, there is no practical reason to make a Felling Turtle.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Turtle (ComputerCraft)
Diamond Axe

Felling Turtle

Note that:

  • Each recipe is reversible, but not shapeless.
  • Only the axes listed can be used (i.e. an iron axe does not work).
  • The axe must have no damage.
  • Enchantments on the axe will have no effect on the Felling Turtle's felling.
  • The type of axe used will be shown on the side of the turtle.


Crafty Felling Turtle[edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Felling Turtle
Crafting Table

Crafty Felling Turtle

Wireless Felling Turtle[edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Felling Turtle
Wireless Modem

Wireless Felling Turtle


This video will show you 2 treefarm programs: https://youtube.com/watch?v=M1NuMJmVpGU