Ex Astris

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This article is about Ex Astris. You may be looking for the 1.6.4 version Ex Aliquo.
Ex Astris
Name Ex Astris
Creator LoveHoly


Type Skyblock Utility
Latest Version 1.16-36
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Root Mod Ex Nihilo
Modpacks Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Resonant Rise
Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2

Ex Astris was originally known as Ex Aliquo. This mod was moved to 1.7.10 by LoveHoly and is now managed by insaneau. It is a partner mod to Ex Nihilo and gives access to a couple of ores that are missing via that mod, namely Cobalt and Ardite. These can be obtained by putting Crushed Netherrack through a Sieve and have a drop chance of 1%.

The mod also adds a few tools and objects. Versions of Hammers and Crooks can be made with extreme durability and there is an Automatic Sieve.