Adventurer's Amulets

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Adventurer's Amulets
Adventurer's Amulets
Name Adventurer's Amulets
Creator GustoniaEagle
Latest Version Unknown
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Forum [1]
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Feed The Beast Mage Quest

Adventurer's Amulets, created by GustoniaEagle, uses the Baubles API (written by Azanor) to add a bunch of helpful items and utilities that can all be equipped via the Baubles Inventory. These items can be used to defend, attack, or used for utility purposes.

In addition, the mod also adds a Rune of Crafting, a unique crafting system with no GUI's at all.

Most, if not all, of the information in this wiki are provided in the Adventurer's Guide Book provided in-game by the mod.

Baubles Charge Type[edit]

Charge is the way that all of your Baubles are powered within Adventurer's Amulets.

Each set of Baubles is powered in a different way:

  • Windmaker's items will gain charge if you are standing above Y-level 200.
  • Infernal items will gain charge if you are in a hot place. If you are burning, they will gain charge (fire resistance potions work). They will also charge in the Nether.
  • Aquatic items will gain charge from being in the water. If you just stand in 1 block of water or more, your items will start to gain charge.
  • Floral items will gain charge whilst you are in direct sunlight. If it is sunny outside, and there are no blocks between you and the sky, you will start to gain charge.
  • Transposing items will gain charge whilst you are in the End. No matter where you are in the End, you will gain charge. If you don't look at the Endermen, they won't hurt you and the End will be your beginning.
  • Frostbitten items will gain charge whilst you are in naturally cold, and snow filled areas. Beware of the Frozen Heart (Adventurer's Amulets) and you will be able to make a life in the cold.
  • Earthbound items will charge so long as you are in a cave!

Focus Crystals[edit]

You can't always be in the right place at the right time, and that's where Focus Crystals come in!

Just like the Baubles, if you have them in your inventory they will charge, but they will also charge your Baubles for you.

Adventurer's Guide Book Entry[edit]

"Focus Crystals, whilst expensive, are a valuable asset. You may have wondered how you would be able to use your Floral items from the depths of hell, and that's where Focus Crystals come in. Simply having a Focus Crystal in your inventory will cause it to spread any charge it has to any of your Baubles. Whilst it can only store 500 charge by default, it is possible to upgrade this using a Crafting Altar." - Page 20/57


In this mod, runes are blocks that are used as a power source for almost all of the Functional Blocks in Adventurer's Amulets. In order to use them, just place the required runes around the functional block in the required pattern.