Steam Engine (Thermal Expansion)

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Steam Engine (Thermal Expansion)
Steam Engine (Thermal Expansion)

Steam Engine (Thermal Expansion)

Name Steam Engine (Thermal Expansion)
Source Mod Thermal Expansion 2
First Appearance TE 2.0.0 for MC 1.4
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Energy 4.0 MJ/t

The Steam Engine is part of Thermal Expansion 2. This engine burns solid fuels and consumes Water to produce MJ power. These engines will reduce their power output (and fuel consumption) if not enough energy is being consumed. If the engine overheats or runs out of water, it will shutdown and require a whack with a Crescent Hammer (or other BuildCraft compatible Wrench) to restart. OmniWrench usually will not "repair" this engine after forced shutdown. It was replaced by the Steam Dynamo in Thermal Expansion 3.

Power Minimum / Maximum: 0.4 MJ/t / 4.0 MJ/t.


Fuel MJ Time, seconds
Cactus, Sugarcane 76 2
Stick, Sapling 126 3
Plank, Log, Scaffold 426 11
Scrap 526 13
Scrap Box 4726 118
Charcoal 3176 80
Coal 4776 120
Coal Coke 9576 240

Burn time is given at full energy output, rounded to full seconds.

This engine gives significantly more MJs from a unit of fuel than a Stirling Engine, but can not burn lava buckets.

It can be assumed, that it was meant to give 1.5 times as many MJs as Stirling Engine, however, when the engine runs out of fuel it will still have 24 MJs stored but these will not be outputted into the device being powered and will be wasted.


Copper Ingot
Copper Gear
Copper Ingot
Redstone Transmission Coil
Copper Ingot
Copper Gear
Steam Engine