Magma Crucible

Magma Crucible
Magma Crucible

Name Magma Crucible
Source Mod Thermal Expansion
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Crescent Hammer

The Magma Crucible is a machine which uses RF power (Redstone Flux) to melt things into liquid. Typically uses quite a bit of energy. It mainly serves to make lava a renewable resource. It uses max 400 RF/t, so 5 Magmatic Dynamos are needed to power it at maximum speed. If netherrack is used it can produce more lava than the Magmatic Dynamos use to power it.


Thermal Expansion 3[edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Leadstone Energy Cell Frame

Nether Brick
Machine Frame (Thermal Expansion)
Nether Brick

Copper Ingot
Redstone Reception Coil
Copper Ingot

Magma Crucible

Thermal Expansion 2[edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png

Nether Brick
Machine Frame (Thermal Expansion)
Nether Brick

Copper Ingot
Redstone Reception Coil
Copper Ingot

Magma Crucible

Recipe List[edit]

Time = RF / 300

Input Output Quantity (mB) Cost (Redstone Flux) Time (Ticks) Time (Seconds)
Cobblestone Lava 1000 240000 800 40
Stone Lava 1000 240000 800 40
Obsidian Lava 1000 240000 800 40
Netherrack Lava 1000 120000 400 20
Redstone Destabilized Redstone 100 12000 40 2
Redstone Block Destabilized Redstone 900 108000 360 18
Ender Pearl Resonant Ender 250 24000 80 4
Glowstone Energized Glowstone 1000 80000 266.7 13.3
Glowstone Dust Energized Glowstone 250 20000 66.7 3.3
Pulverized Coal Liquifacted Coal 250 20000 66.7 3.3

Notes: before TE v2.0.7 (FTB BETA A pack uses 2.0.5) the Redstone recipe was 1000 MJ for 50mB; with that version is was changed to 1500 MJ per 50 mB; the recipe shown is from v2.1.5 onwards. Molten Ender was added in TE v2.2.0.


  • The left side of the interface indicates power storage.
    • The lower slot is for the use of flux capacitors inputting power.
  • The center-left slot is for the input item for cooking. Traditionally placing a bucket in this slot would also extract a bucketful of liquid, but this no longer is the case.
  • The center-right shows the cooking progress on the current item. This process is faster when more energy is provided to the crucible.
  • The right side shows output storage. Up to 10,000 milliBuckets (10 buckets) can be stored in the crucible itself before it needs to be emptied to make room for more.


The faces of the crucible can be configured from inside the interface by clicking the gear icon to the right labeled Configuration. There are five configurable faces; the bottom-right face is for the rear of the machine. Clicking on one of these faces will toggle its input/output state:

  • Orange is an output face (lava or molten redstone). Output can be transported in liquid pipes. This does not require a wooden pipe or a pump to extract the liquid; you may use a golden Fluid Pipe directly.
  • Blue is an item input face for the item that you wish to cook (e.g. Netherrack)
  • Black (or no colored outline) inputs items into the slot under the energy indicator.
  • Off (when the black square is not visible, showing only the face) toggles the face off. It can still receive MJ energy through this face.

Note that toggling any of these faces will also highlight the respective section of the interface in that color.


If one has enough netherrack, or a steady enough supply of it, and seeks only to produce lava without running a surplus of RF, 3 magma crucibles and 2 Magmatic Dynamos will produce no more RF than what it takes to produce lava. These 3 magma crucibles will melt 3 netherracks every 20 seconds, or 9 netherracks per minute, and use 1080000 RF per minute. This will produce 9 buckets of lava per minute, but 6 buckets of lava will be used to generate the needed power.