Cyclic Assembler

Cyclic Assembler
Cyclic Assembler

Cyclic Assembler

Name Cyclic Assembler
Source Mod Thermal Expansion
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Unknown

The Cyclic Assembler is a type of automatic Crafting Table from Thermal Expansion which uses MJ or RF. To use the Cyclic Assembler, place a blank Schematic in the schematic slot in the machine, then create the pattern in the blue Schematic tab on the right-hand side of the Cyclic Assembler's GUI, and press the check mark to encode the pattern on the schematic. Then it will use items placed in the storage grid to produce the pattern until it runs out of power or materials. It uses 20RF (2MJ) per Item crafted. If a recipe uses a Can, Cell, or Bucket of Liquid you can pipe the Liquid into the internal tank instead of supplying the containers.



As of 1.6.x, when NEI is enabled and currently showing as you try to put items in the blue grid template area they actually drop or deleted (it depends on what mode of NEI you are on. ie. cheat mode or recipe mode). This bug has was fixed in the 1.7.10 version of this mod.

One way to temporarily fix it is to disable NEI by pressing "O" key.

In FTB Monster, the Cyclic Assembler will consume the Infusion Stones in Magical Crops recipes for crafting higher-tier essence.