Equivalent Exchange 3

Equivalent Exchange 3
Equivalent Exchange 3
Name Equivalent Exchange 3
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 0.3.507
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Official Website
Root Mod Unknown
Modpacks Direwolf20 1.5 Pack
Direwolf20 Pack
Feed The Beast 1.5.2 Beta Pack
Feed The Beast Horizons: Daybreaker
Feed The Beast Lite
Feed The Beast PAX Challenge Pack (Minecraft 1.4)
Feed The Beast Resurrection
Feed The Beast Ultimate
Feed The Beast Unleashed
Feed The Beast Unstable
JoeGaming ModPack
Magic Farm
The MadPack
Ultra Hard Survival (ATLauncher)

Equivalent Exchange 3 (EE3) is a work in progress mod, and is the third rewrite of the Equivalent Exchange mod by Pahimar and X3N0PH0B3. The mod allows for transmutation of items and blocks into other items with an equivalent value.

As EE3 is still a work in progress mod, many blocks and items are not fully implemented yet and can only be obtained by cheating.


The concept of Equivalent Exchange 3 is quite simple: Using the Minium Stone or the Philosopher's Stone, you can transmute items such as Gold or Iron into other items. This version is completely different from Equivalent Exchange 2 and is more similar to the original Equivalent Exchange.

EE3 can be seen as a re-balancing of EE2, which is however not the only point of it. In EE3 there are no ways of generating items out of nothing, instead it focuses entirely around transmutation.

A big criticism is that in EE2 and EE1 players could obtain Power Rings for flying and other useful items, which have been removed in EE3. Some of these features may return in the future as EE3 is coded from the ground up.

Blocks and Items[edit]

Fully Implemented[edit]

Not Fully Implemented[edit]