Upgrade Manager

Upgrade Manager
Upgrade Manager

Name Upgrade Manager
Source Mod Logistics Pipes
ID Name Unknown
Type Tool
Stackable Yes (64)

The Upgrade Manager is a tool from Logistics Pipes used to modify or remove upgrades installed in a Logistics Pipe.

Upon right-clicking a pipe, it will open a small 9-slot inventory containing all installed upgrades, which can then be moved like regular items. New upgrades may also be installed this way, although this can also be done by simply right-clicking the upgrade on a pipe. The tool will never take damage or break, and can thus be used an indefinite amount of times.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Network monitor
Wrench (BuildCraft)

Upgrade Manager


  • Although both the Network monitor and Wrench are used in the making of this tool, the Upgrade Manager doesn't provide any of those two items' functionality.
  • Upgrades may still be stacked in the GUI, thus allowing more than one upgrade of each type to be installed on the same pipe. This does not provide any additional functionality over having only one upgrade.