Logistics Request Table

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Logistics Request Table
Logistics Request Table

Name Logistics Request Table
Source Mod Logistics Pipes
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Logistics Request Table is an item added by the Logistics Pipes mod.

It can pull items out of a Logistics Pipes network's storage or auto-crafting system. The GUI has a crafting and inventory section. Requested items will be placed into the Logistics Request Table's inventory. When using the crafting section, it holds a ghost image of the items used in the recipe. Clicking on the result will cause it to be crafted using items from the Request Table's inventory, placing the result back into the table's inventory.

Recipes can be pasted from the Not Enough Items interface by shift-clicking on the question mark that appears to the lower right of a recipe.

Items placed in the slot marked with an X, labeled "Sort:", will be sent into the Logistics Pipes network to be sorted and stored. '"~"' will request the missing items for a set recipe. '"+"' will request all the items once of the set recipe. '"++"' = 10x the set recipe and '"+++"' x64 the set recipe. A Provider Logistics Pipe or Provider module in a Logistics Chassis pipe connected to an inventory is required before items will show up in the Logistics Request Table.

The table must be connected to a Basic Logistics Pipe or other routing-enabled pipe to pull items from the network as well as send them back in in later versions.

A Logistics Disk can be placed in the empty slot above the Sort slot. The Disk button at the bottom right of the interface will light up and allow you to create / edit / delete or request sets stored on the disk.

The table can be upgraded with a Crafting Monitoring Upgrade to add a new tab on the left of the GUI that will display items that the Request Table has requested which are still on the way.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Stone Bricks
Crafting Table
Stone Bricks
Crafting Logistics Pipe Mk2
Request Logistics Pipe Mk2
Diamond Chipset
Diamond Chipset
Logistics Request Table

NOTE: In later version this same recipe only works in the Soldering Station, combined with an iron ingot.


A complex GUI.


Logistics Request Table has no known uses in crafting.

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