Print Press Plate

Print Press Plate
Print Press Plate

Name Print Press Plate
Source Mod BiblioCraft
ID Name
First Appearance MC 1.5.2
Type Item
Stackable No

The Print Press Plate is an item added by the BiblioCraft mod.

It is used in a Printing Press to print a copy of a signed book. To use the plate insert it into a Printing Press by Right-clicking on the top middle part of the press. Using Reading Glasses will display the name of the book on the plate in the press. Place some empty vanilla books on the left front of the press and apply some Ink Sacs to the top plate. The press will then start working furiously, when it is finished your copied book will appear on the lower right of the press, Right-click to pick it up. As many copies as desired can be made, supplying sufficient materials, the plate will not wear out.


It is created in the Typesetting Table using a Print Press Chase. Select the book you want to copy from the table interface, put some empty chases in the table and apply a Redstone signal. The plate will be created and appear in the lower right slot on the table. Right click to remove it from the table. Hovering over the plate in your inventory will show what book it is set to copy.


Print Press Plate has no known uses in crafting.