Monolith (Thaumic Additions)

This article is about Monolith (Thaumic Additions). You may be looking for Monolith (Dimensional Doors).

Monolith is a naturally-generating structure added by the Thaumic Additions mod. It contains several chests with loot and requires several keys to be opened.

Opening the Structure[edit]

Naturally found structure.

To open the structure, the player has to remove the Eldritch Lock block, see its page for the instructions on how to do it.

Monolith opened

Once opened, the player can jump down and loot 4 Void Chests in the first room.

Main room
Main room looted

4 Eldritch Keystone: Inert will drop, one for each of the side rooms. The player cannot progress any further because currently these keystones cannot be charged (charging requires unobtainable machine), so the side rooms cannot be opened. However, the player can take Eldritch Keystone: Tlhutlh from the Creative menu or NEI and use it to open the side rooms. Each of the side rooms contains an Obelisk from Eldritch Portal structure and 1 more Void Chest with loot.

Side rooms opened and looted